Friday, June 15, 1990

     I'm a publisher! I am sleeping with my first issue of Video Watchdog tonight! It looks beautiful, but seems to be printed on the wrong paper! Should be a glossy cover with thinner inside pages. It looks like a thick handbook. We're going to a show at the Sheriton in Tri County on Sunday.

     Jeff Feiser took pictures of me and Tim opening the box and looking at the first issue. My reading copy was cut strangely and is shedding ink all over my fingers. We rushed 50 copies and the ink was still wet. We keep looking at it. We carry it around with us.

     Only me, Tim and Jeff have seen it. Jeff likes it and asks questions like: "What is that spider doing to that lady?" "What is this guy going to do with those spikes and those knees?" " This lady is giving this guy acupuncture, right?" "Did they actually show this guy getting ripped apart? Was it a snuff movie, or what?"

     We're publishers!



Tuesday, June 26, 1990

     Blues set in. We're wondering if we're ever going to see copies of Video Watchdog printed right. They printed it on 70lb cover instead of 70lb text and said we can get some kind of credit on the next order. They added a gloss finish for $140, but it still doesn't look as glossy as we wanted it.

     They were supposed to have finished shipping on Friday. No one we know has received their copies, and when I called to ask for at least 300 copies of the leftovers, they said they had to be cut and would be delivered by the end of the day. When they didn't arrive, I was told they'd come first thing in the morning. At 3:00 today I called and they said it would come about 4:30. At 5:45 I called and they said the girl left with a delivery at 4:30. She never got there, but Blue Chip Shipping came by around 6:15 with 69 copies that looked hastily cut. White was showing on the front cover, and a picture was cropped too much on the centerfold. One was badly stapled and wouldn't stay folded.

     Tim and I were very depressed. What could we do with only 69 copies when we needed 300 to mail out? What could we do with these defective copies? What did the copies look like that went out to distributors? Did they go out? This batch might be OK as freebies, but I hope there are better looking copies for our subscribers.


Saturday, July 21, 1990

     We just got the leftover VW #1 copies on Friday. We must have 1700-1800 in the foyer. Nobody got their issues until last week! We were shocked to find that since VW had been so hard to cut, they put it on the back burner and everything we thought was shipped hadn't even been cut!

    Tim raised hell. The manager apologized profusely and promised to pull everyone from their jobs and work on it until it was finished. They paid next-day shipping! We still don't know how much shipping costs.

     We are getting complimentary comments daily. A miracle.